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Why Foodz.Exchange

Do you dream of producing a private brand, original and high quality, that meets the product standards and is also not expensive? Let us know: Foodz Exchange is the brand that changes the rules of the game. With us you can produce and market products: from food to cosmetics under your own personal branding and at prices that compete with any other brand. We will make your dream come true, from the characterization of the product to its marketing. Foodz.Exchange serves as a link between retail marketing chains and manufacturers from around the world, through the introduction of exclusive and unique private label brands – in quality, price, in accordance with the Israeli customer, regulations and required kosher. The company has developed a unique model that guarantees extremely high percentages of success and profitability!


Introducing Foodz.Exchange Services

In a structured and orderly process we will easily and efficiently reach the production of your own private label, according to the following steps:

We will get to know your requirements in order to find the exact product for you and your customers. We will segment the target audience, the product, market research, compare prices and check the feasibility of its production and import to Israel.

We will convert the product in order to adapt and taste it to the Israeli palate and aroma, we will perform taste tests in an external institute and adapt the product to regulation and standards and finally we will sign kosher certificates.

The design and import of the products

In the private label process, we will adjust the packaging design of the product by creating graphics that match the nature of the brand and according to specific requirements. In addition, we will take care of the import approvals so that you can sleep with peace of mind.

We will send you a product page with information about the buyer and engage the parties to work together, including accompanying the signing process and handling the entire supply chain.

We will take care of all the stages of the import and the supply chain with the shipping companies, in the processes of importing the products, paying the taxes and transporting them until they arrive at the warehouses. In addition, we will handle everything related to providing exclusivity if necessary.

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Why work with us

at a rate of at least 40% as a result of savings in mediation gaps. As a result, your customers will benefit enormously.

Compliance with strict standards – we ensure compliance with all required standards and licenses and accompany the product in all stages of its ‘conversion process’.

 from food to cosmetics as you imagine.

 we will create a unique product for you that will stand out in its taste, smell and appearance. We will also assist you in the branding process: from the design of the product, through the advertising language, to its marketing in the networks.

you dream, we make it come true. We can produce organic, gluten-free, sugar-free products for you and any product you can think of.

the experience we have gained over the years, the handling of a wide variety of clients allow us to provide high quality and extremely fast service.

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