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To empower suppliers and retailers to be productive and successful

About Us

Foodz.Exchange was established in 2016 and is a leader in representing and importing unique products for marketing and retail chains and adapting them to the consumption culture, Israeli regulations, and standards. The company links marketing and food chains with producers worldwide – without intermediaries, intending to save costs significantly. 

The company was founded by Mr. Zeev Strykovski, who has over 50 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. Today, Ze’ev manages the company together with his son Ohad, who has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration from Reichman University. Zeev brought to Israel dozens of leading brands that are currently sold for hundreds of millions of shekels, has industry connections in the field, and knows how to manage complex sales processes. The company’s team includes first-class professionals, including experts in the field of import processes, graphic artists, food engineers who approve regulations, lawyers, kosher experts, and agents from around the world who introduce traders and liaise with factories around the world. 

The company collaborates with leading international companies to bring customers to the top. Foodz.Exchange has specific expertise in producing private label products in various categories for marketing and retail chains and handles all supply chain stages. The company provides a full-service envelope that includes a customized process of converting the product and adapting it to your Israeli life, branding, kosher, handling regulations, and other steps as needed. The company operates with a clear agenda – to save the ‘hands’ chains and reach a huge savings of 50-70% in product costs. Also, the company works on a fair commission basis and at competitive prices.

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A letter from our founder

An opinion letter from Udi Stryk The founder of Foodz Private labels CPG products are lower in price, provide the same quality and usually are prepared at the same factory lines and machines as the big brands do. As the years went by the private label branded products of CPG products grew and I couldn’t miss the growing commercials, billboards and ads of the supermarket chain for their private labels. As a customer I did try a few basic products and found again and again the same quality and even better with some products. I tried lousy private labels in some places but immediately stopped purchasing there. In most cases the experience with CPG private labels is good. By purchasing private labels I directed my extra money towards taking my wife and kids to good restaurants, Higher business investment and more food in general.  from my experience – it’s a better decision to eat cheaper.

Our Team

Zeev Strykowski

Founder, Marketing

Yair klein

Private label & logistics

Yaron Balanero

Sourcing & customer services


Our story so far

Zeev starts to import Espresso coffee to Israel and becomes the first espresso dealer in israel. Major partnership with the italian company Illy coffee.

Foodz.Exchange launches its Granita (ice coffee drinks) in israel and introduce the activity in the israeli market.

The coffee and granita part are purchased from Foodz.Exchange. which pivots its focus to a food trading agency, Starting the trading with the Italian brand Vicenzi.

First private label products are introduced to major retailers

Retail partnership with the biggest supermarket chain in Israel Shufersal, which chooses its first line of own label products to be potato chips snacks made by the italian company – Pata chips.

Catering leader in Israel, Proplus company (Subsidiary of Tnuva, largest dairy producer), started cooperation with Foodz.Exchange as a private label provider.

Foodz.Exchange is starting to introduce Organic and Gluten free products. Establishing cooperation with the leading retail store chains in Israel.

Foodz.Exchange is developing software services to ease the connection between manufacturers, buyers and service providers

Foodz.Exchange software service deepens its abilities and holds more than 5 Million products to choose from, easily with the assistance of the foodz platform services.

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